Where science and sound, meet design.

At CSR Martini we know the difference between sound and noise.

With over 25 years of manufacturing experience behind us, our acoustic products have been specifically engineered to perform across multiple environments. 
From our Exposed Insulation – semi exposed absorptive products and decorative acoustics solutions, we are the experts at integrating design and performance to ensure your desired outcome is reached both functionally and aesthetically.
We would encourage you to head over to our website and explore our high performance product range. We have all our product downloads available to help you on your next project.

CSR Martini

CSR Martini has been operating for the last two decades in the development, manufacturer and marketing of industrial fibres.

Polymax Insulation

Developed, tested and made in Australia by Martini Industries with a wide range of products to meet the growing demand for high-performance thermal and acoustic solutions.

Martini Deco Series

dECO Series matches superior acoustic performance with high design aesthetic. Providing decorative acoustic solutions for noisy spaces from offices, restaurants, schools and hospitals, making your space look good and sound better.