Building at height with brick is now a reality

Architects can now bring any design to life with the launch of CORIUM, a unique brick look, ventilated rainscreen façade system that enables architects and designers to create truly original and bespoke building finishes.

Distributed exclusively by PGH Bricks & Pavers, CORIUM is lightweight, making it easy to use, and providing the natural beauty of real brick at height.

Incredibly versatile and quick to install, CORIUM is an end–to–end system that can deliver design impact for mid to high–rise buildings, whether new construction or re–cladding projects. Significant cost savings can also be achieved due to reduced construction times.

Already used with great impact and success for commercial and high–rise residential projects in the USA and United Kingdom, CORIUM provides true design flexibility.

According to Rob Sindel, managing director of CSR Limited, it is CORIUM’s speed of installation and design versatility that will impress Australian architects and the construction industry.

"Our strategy is to bring products to the market that increase the speed of construction and are easier to install. CORIUM can be used on mid to high–rise buildings. It’s lightweight, and once the framing system is in situ, the brick façade can be clipped into place, significantly reducing construction times."

"CSR is very excited to bring this new innovative PGH Bricks & Pavers product to the Australian market. CORIUM offers the benefits of a brick cladding system with faster construction and a traditional brick look, and is another great example of our strategy in practice," stated Mr Sindel.

Offering an extensive range of colours and textures, mosaic and decorative patterns can easily be achieved to add new dimensions and create stunning buildings. From a design perspective, the variety of sizes and selection of specials means anything is possible without compromising performance or construction time. CORIUM can also be mounted at any angle, including overhead, to create soffits, ceilings and arches, providing an unprecedented level of design versatility.

How does CORIUM work?

Ideal for projects where the natural beauty of real clay brick is desired, but a lightweight cladding solution is required due to the building or nature of the construction process, CORIUM is a genuine evolution in brick application and use.

Easy to install, the framing system goes up quickly and then brick tiles are simply clipped into place. Suitable for use with a broad range of substrates including concrete, timber frame, structural steel, lightweight steel frames, masonry and structurally insulated panels, CORIUM has a design life of 60 years in most applications.

CORIUM is set to bring back the look of brick to commercial and high-rise construction. "When it comes to choosing the façade material for a project the designer wants to be able to create whatever look they desire," said Mr Sindel. "The feedback from the architectural community has been very positive. What they love are the design possibilities that CORIUM offers. They see potential and a building product they can really get creative with."

When it comes to evolving building design, CORIUM from PGH makes the impossible, possible.

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