Architects building their reputation on better walls

AFS Walling systems used by award winning architects on commercial and residential homes to build reliable and high quality walls. 

LOGICWALL® and REDIWALL® help plans become homes(and sales) quicker

The popularity of the Fitzroy Apartments says much about the determination of its architects to deliver a superior product. And they point to AFS walling systems as fundamental to that goal. Renowned for their residential and commercial work, Kasparek Architects automatically include AFS LOGICWALL® and AFS REDIWALL® when considering any new project. Chief amongst their reasoning is how rapidly they can be erected and the reliably high quality both systems offer.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“We have designed and documented hundreds of units, in projects ranging from 24 to 200+ units. And every one of them has some AFS walling system in it. They are true, quick to put up and fast to finish. So we get quicker construction and a better quality product.” Fred Kasparek, KASPAREK ARCHITECTS.