Having more walls than most puts spotlight on quality

AFS Logicwall walling solution used by Modern Construction Group to deliver high quality apartments without compromising deadline or budget. 

LOGICWALL® shows it has nothing in common with your average wall

Lorne Killara was built by the Modern Construction Group to their usual exacting standard: deliver the highest quality without sacrificing deadlines or budget. And, with the release of these apartments, they readily point to AFS LOGICWALL® as being critical to their success. This prestigious master-plan community also boasts another compelling feature in having few common walls. Modern knew that meant choosing a walling system which would make for easy materials handling while providing a reliably superlative finish. They chose LOGICWALL®.

Don’t just take our word for it…

I was impressed by the professionalism of the AFS team—from the design phase right through to delivery and installation. And their ability to meet deadlines was central to our overall speed of construction. Robert Finn, Project Manager, MODERN CONSTRUCTIONS