Gyprock helps transforms ABC Studios Brisbane

ABC Studios project in Southbank was a complex one, with a brief to transform an open plan three storey building into a property housing a TV station, many radio stations and the Symphony Orchestra.

When Precision Interior Walls and Ceilings was asked to transform the open–plan Southbank office block into one separated internally by 125 walls and 25 ceilings, the project called for the best acoustic building products on the market.

The Challenge

Constructed by Leighton between March 2011 and late 2012, the building was designed by Richard Kirk Architects and with plans to house the Brisbane Symphony Orchestra – there was all the more need for superior acoustic performance.

Precision Project Manager, Ashley O’Connor, said that the specific acoustic requirements of the fit–out made the project a highly unusual one, with many of the walls requiring multiple layers of plasterboard.

"Some of the walls required four layers of Gyprock ® plasterboard on either side – so it was not your everyday job," he said, adding that some of these walls were up to 300mm wide, and include products like 25mm Gyprock ® Shaft Liner and two layers of 16mm Fyrchek™ plasterboard.

The project relied on the high–performance of Gyprock ® products to achieve the ABC's requirements and turn an open plan building into one where numerous recordings and broadcasts could take place without interfering with one other.

"Some of the products that allowed us to create this kind of internal building structure included 13mm Gyprock ® plasterboard, Base Coat 60 and Easy–Flow – which we chose for its performance, ease of use and the fact we could sand it easily," said Ashley.

In the end, all RW acoustic ratings were met and even exceeded in places, all with a high standard of finish.

"The acoustics in all the rooms worked well and both The Precision Group and our client ABC are very satisfied with the result," he said.

John Kelly, General Manager of Precision, said that the project was certainly a challenge for the group, requiring feature timber panelling to walls and ceilings (diffusion panelling) and acoustic doors, some which have never been designed or installed in Australia previously.

"Some of the obstacles we faced were very high acoustic requirements, working at a height of 18 metres, lifting and handling materials some of which was 25mm MDF sheeting, and ensuring sound was not bridged from our framing to the building structure," John said.

The Result

Gyprock ® account managers, Cameron Just and David Blindell, assisted the client by providing the specification on behalf of the architects, utilising Gyprock's renowned Red Book™.

"The job at ABC Studio‘s had a good outcome as it met our client‘s expectations for delivery, which can sometimes be difficult. One of the ways we manage streamlined and efficient delivery of Gyprock ® plasterboard is by getting our logistics people involved in the project from an early stage," Cameron said.

"This is so that they are familiar wiath the site and can ensure that plasterboard arrives in a suitable size and is delivered precisely where it needs to go."

Precision Interior Walls and Ceilings is based in Brisbane and has undertaken some of the largest commercial projects in Queensland.

The Product

Gyprock Fyrchek ™ and Shaft Liner plasterboard are machine made sheets, composed of a specially processed glass fibre reinforced gypsum core, encased in a heavy–duty linerboard. Fyrchek™, available in 13 and 16mm thickness, can be used in wall and ceiling systems where fire resistance is to be achieved, and is useful where improved acoustic performance is required. Shaft Liner is available in 25mm thickness, and forms part of Gyprock ® Shaft Systems.