Fast floor-to-floor cycles kept Quest Bella Vista project on time using AFS LogicWall

The choice of AFS LogicWall for the 147 room Quest Bella Vista enabled a fast build and kept the project within deadlines - a great result.

Hotels require their finish to be ‘a cut above’ so Novati Constructions knew walling would be key to satisfying everyone. Having done their research they were keen to use AFS LOGICWALL®, recognising that 147 rooms would be a true test of its benefits. They weren’t disappointed.

Perhaps their most pleasing discovery was how much LOGICWALL® accelerated the floor-to-floor cycle. This proved doubly important for an eight level project on a 15 month design and construct contract which had to include “alternative solutions to satisfy operational requirements”.

“We used for the first time on our project in Bella Vista. The speed of installation and the fast floor-to- floor cycles ensured we kept within project deadlines which was a distinct advantage for us and our client.
We will consider AFS walling systems for future projects.” Luigi Giordana, Project Manager, Novati Constructions

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