Re-roofing a Byron Bay icon

Monier 'Marseille' terracotta imbued a timeless beauty and a look that perfectly matched the original period of the Byron Bay building.

Located in the heart of Byron Bay, the Great Northern Hotel is a local icon. With its heritage features and an old school traditional charm, the hotel overlooks Byron's main street and is frequented by locals and visitors to Byron alike.

The original roof tiles on the hotel were laid back in 1939 and were in need of replacement. When the owners, Tom and Catherine Moody, decided it was time to re-roof, an important part of the project brief was that the 1930s integrity, charm and grace of this grand old pub be retained. They were after a roof that was as close to the original as possible.

And what better choice than terracotta roof tiles?

The Monier 'Marseille' terracotta profile was chosen because of its timeless beauty and a look that perfectly matched the original period of the building. The Marseille is a classic French inspired terracotta roof tile that comes in an extensive colour palette, providing an abundance of choice when scheming with other building materials. Monier Roofing Specialists worked with the owners to select the colour that would best reflect the period, style and aesthetics of the hotel. Their final choice is a mix of Marseille in Tanbark and Sunset and is a stunning result.

Builder Greg Clark initially recommended Monier terracotta roof tiles due to the Great Northern's proximity to the ocean. They are ideal for coastal locations that endure wind, spray and salt. Both concrete and terracotta roof tiles will never rust or corrode, unlike other roofing materials, and Monier terracotta roof tiles have the added advantage of colours that will never fade. This everlasting colour comes from their unique firing process, where each tile is glazed and then fired at a 1096°C, baking the colour right into the tile and enabling it to withstand time and nature's elements. Monier guarantees both the colour and performance of their terracotta roof tiles for 50 years.

Terracotta is also a natural and authentic material. It is a genuine, sustainable, comes from the earth and can be recycled. It has a natural warmth and beauty that many other materials just don't have.

Visually, the roof of The Great Northern Hotel contributes significantly to the overall appeal of the building, making up approximately 30% of the building façade. Re-roofing it not only provided the perfect opportunity for a revamp that would have a significant effect on the overall look, but it was also a chance to improve the overall performance and energy efficiency of the building.

As well as maintaining the integrity of the 1930's, one of the initial aims of the re-roof was to improve energy efficiency, keep unwanted noise out and allow guests and patrons to be comfortable all year round. The use of terracotta roof tiles, with their thermal qualities, helps keep the cold out and the heat in. They are also acoustically efficient and act as an additional barrier against dust and condensation entering the roof.

Builder Greg Clark sums it up, "The Monier team worked with us throughout the project and we are so happy with the finished result. I would highly recommend Monier to any future clients, architects or builders due to the professional manner in which they conduct themselves during what was a difficult project".