The Isle Of Cemintel Capri On Via Roma

Exotic by name. Exotic by nature. Capri on Via Roma highlights a fusion between an outdoor-loving lifestyle with cutting edge design by incorporating the use of Cemintel BareStone, Soffitline, Compressed sheet & more.

The proliferation of shopping online has people wondering about the decline in human contact and the future of the local corner shop as the place for communities to connect. One family believes in the importance of connection. Pushing the boundaries of design, the Harvey family created an innovative, modern, and holistic place not only to shop, but to gather, linger and enjoy the fuse of Italian-Australian culture, it's called; Capri on Via Roma and it's shopping Gold Coast style.

The waterfront site was initially developed by the late Sir Bruce Small in the 1960s before being sold to the Sydney-based Harvey family with plans to resurrect and recreate a mecca for the Gold Coast's ultimate shopping experience.

Designed by BDA Architecture; Project Director, Adam Beck; and Design Architect, Steve McCracken, working alongside world acclaimed interior designers Landini Associates, Capri on Via Roma embraces the ambience of its unique waterfront location and highlights a fusion between a relaxed, outdoor-loving lifestyle that Australians are famous for and the Italian's love of good food, coffee and quality time with family. This centre embodies, celebrates and encourages these cultures.

CSR Cemintel products from both the constructive and creative range were handpicked to feature throughout internally and externally. As such, the shopping hub has since been affectionately dubbed the ‘Isle of Cemintel'.

BDA Architecture specified Cemintel SoffitLine as it not only met the requirements of a strong jointing compound around the soffit, it also utilised Cemintel's CeminSeal technology, preventing water penetration into the sheet and provided increased joint strength.

Installed internally and externally, functionality-wise, SoffitLine provides a low maintenance flush jointed panel for external ceilings, aesthetically, the pure white panels highlight the contemporary feel of the overall centre, creating a relaxed atmosphere and boosting a light-filled centre.

Cemintel products not only covered the ceiling, they took prominent place as internal and external walling. BareStone was selected for its cement-looking appearance and the unique feature of CeminSeal waterblock technology, protecting it from the elements. The soft neutral greys contrast against the dark finishes of the rustic timber flooring.

"This is a great demonstration of how Cemintel products from our creative range, such as Barestone, can be pushed beyond their original intention, how they can be part of a project that pushes design boundaries with an end result like this – it's a talking point, people cannot believe how good this centre looks and fits into the natural environment to complement the local area," said Cemintel Senior Product Manager, Ben Thompson.

"There has been no expense spared. The quality and detail is unmistakable in the finishes. Little things like the exposed polished copper pipes sublimely leading coffee lovers to the resident Italian café, the earthy tones of BareStone give the centre a beautiful rustic design fused with modern superiority."

Spanning a distance over 6,000sqm, Hutchinson Builders completed the final stages late in 2013, TAF Group Construction installed the Cemintel products, praising Hutchinson for allowing them time to install the product with care, ensuring every panel was perfect.

Yet to be officially opened, this development is what will soon be trending as a destination shopping experience comprised of over 30 retail business hand selected by its developing family; the Harveys and international commercial leasing agents Knight Frank leasing.