HomeStyle inspired renovation

Having been awarded the first Gyprock® HomeStyle 'Share your Style' prize, Adelaide based Katie Vagg and her partner Ben Spry were inspired to undertake a renovation project to transform an old, dark family room into two bright and fun modern kids bedrooms.

The Challenge

Katie and Ben had found their dream home built in 1965, with beautiful mid-century features including a stone fireplace, architectural corner windows, polished wooden floors and rooms filled with an abundance of natural light. The only catch was that it was one bedroom short.

With three children between them aged five, nine and 10 years old, Katie and Ben dreamed of creating a room for each of them. After deliberating over the floor plan they finally found a way to divide a family room nicknamed 'the big large cream box', which was lined floor to ceiling with wood paneling and distinctly lacked the charm of the rest of the house, into two functional and charming bedrooms.

As a graphic designer, Katie's experience in home and architectural design has been limited to paper or through expanding her Pinterest board. Her partner however, is a production manager and home handyman, which gave them the confidence to tackle their renovation project head on. By taking charge of the project themselves, Katie and Ben were able to ensure they were in control of the project at all stages, were able to cut down on costs and could also let their personal home style ideas flow.

The Result

Katie and Ben's first step in the transformation, after deciding on their new floor plan, was to decide on the material to use.

Finding their initial inspiration from Gyprock HomeStyle, Katie and Ben chose quality Gyprock® plasterboard and Alto™ cornice to feature in the kids' rooms, with a skirting height of 150mm, painted white. The walls were painted soft grey with natural wood floors which allowed the features of the cornice to really pop.

"Cornice was an important feature of the design, I love the sense of framing that cornice brings. I chose Gyprock Alto for its clean lines and contemporary feel, it's not overly decorative but has the finishing effect of cornice," said Katie Vagg.

As a result Katie and Ben's 'big large cream box' has become two functional rooms, filled with personality for Mason and Tayah.

The Product

Gyprock Alto cornice presents a modern profile with smooth surfaces making it the perfect choice for contemporary living. A clever 10mm step along the ceiling edge creates a crisp shadow that perfectly complements a modern designer space. The 90mm cornice profile delivers a simple and striking presence to any room. For a more simple style in utility rooms and bedrooms, Gyprock Aria is the ideal complementary cornice choice.