Edmonds ventilation solution for Banana Store

Edmonds ventilation solution for warehousing and temperature conditioning resolved both the problem of trapped heat and fire code requirements.


The warehouse had old Colt smoke release vents installed that were no longer operable. The warehouse did not meet strict Sydney fire codes for smoke release capability. The warehouse also had heat liberated from compressors used to temperature condition produce. Hence a dual problem–failure to meet fire code and trapped heat.


Edmonds recommended the installation of its Hurricane 900FR ventilator which enabled both problems to be solved with one product. The H900 FR has been certified by the CSIRO to meet AS 1668.1 requiring the smoke spill vent to operate for not less than 200 minutes at 200ºC and not less than 30 minutes at 300ºC. During normal operation, the H900 FR acts identically to the Edmonds standard Hurricane 900 to remove heat and facilitate air exchange.

60 x H900FR vents were retrofitted by CSR Edmonds to replace the 60 Colt units.


Banana Store,Sydney Markets, Homebush, Sydney NSW


Warehousing including temperature conditioning of bananas for wholesaling and distribution.