NZ Holiday Remediation Form
Holidays Act payroll remediation - past employee contact details

If you are a past employee of CSR; were employed after September 2009; and believe you have leave entitlements owing, we would like to hear from you.

Please complete the attached form, and return it to us, along with providing copies of the requested supporting documentation outlined below.

Your details
* First Name
Preferred Name
* Surname
* Contact Phone Number
* Contact Email
* Street Address
* Suburb
* Town/City
* Postcode
* Country
Supporting material checklist
Please include the below items, when returning this form to CSR.
Please click on the links to download the original forms. IR 330; KS 2
File types accepted: PDF or JPG
* Copy of a recent bill or statement which includes your address information
* Bank deposit slip or Bank account confirmation slip with your bank account number for repayment
* Proof of ID - copy of Passport or Driver's License
* Completed IR 330 form
* Completed KS 2 form