CSR Inclose™ designs, engineers and installs precision fabricated, unitised rainscreen façade systems that meet or exceed today’s building codes for fire, thermal, acoustic and weather performance.

Specify high performance facades with confidence

For the first time in Australia, a prefabricated facade system is now available that delivers high performance with excellent buildability and durability that delivers real benefits during construction.

The panels incorporate a rainscreen system, also known as ventilated or double skinned facades that have been recognised by architects around the globe as a major technical improvement, providing better weather-tightness and building performance.

Until now, maximising these benefits has relied heavily on the quality of installation with somewhat difficult buildability cited as a key reason for the installation of more traditional façade systems.

Through a collaboration with New York exterior fabrication specialist ISLAND Exterior Fabricators LLC, CSR Inclose™ has developed a unitised rainscreen façade system using proven international technology with Australian manufacturing reliability.

Key benefits of Inclose rainscreens

  • Increased speed of enclosure allowing earlier interior finishing
  • Greater site efficiency with less trades to manage
  • Reduced safety, weather and quality risks
  • Single source building enclosure with one set of façade documents
  • Supply chain guaranteed through local manufacture
  • Comprehensive façade warranty

More information:

Call: 1800 023 360
Email: inclose@csr.com.au
Download: Inclose brochure