Managing Health, Safety & Environment
Managing Health, Safety & Environment
Managing Health, Safety & Environment

At CSR, we care for and protect each other, our business, our customers, the community, and our environment with the aim of building a sustainable, profitable and growing enterprise. 

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Safety and Sustainability are part of CSR’s strategic foundations – this means putting Safety and Sustainability at the forefront of our decisions and actions. 

To support this, we have a Work Health Safety and Environment (WHSE) Strategy. This is our roadmap to engage with our people and take action to prioritise and reduce the risk of harm to people and the environment. 

CSR has a WHSE Management System to ensure we comply with legal requirements and meet corporate objectives across the areas we operate.  The WHSE Management System also ensures our people know their safety and environment responsibilities and how they are to be met.

We also recognise the important role each person plays to ensure the safety of themselves, other people, the workplace and the environment. 
Never Walk Past is a simple, clear, and positive call to action for all of us to look out for each other and create a safer workplace, by never walking past an unsafe act or condition.

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