Real Estate Industry To Reward Better Buildings

There’s a new checklist to help make homes healthier, more efficient, more comfortable and connected to community.

The way we all sell, rent and value property is undergoing a quiet revolution thanks to a fast growing and industry-wide initiative from LJ Hooker.

The property giant says its Liveability Property Marketing Features with a 17 Things Checklist has “been created to meet a need in the market to recognise properties that have features that go some way in addressing the running costs and improving the comfort of a property”.

The 17 Things Checklist covers:

  • Location
  • Floor Plan and Layout
  • Key Building Structure Elements
  • Important Energy Saving Inclusions
  • Important Water Saving Inclusions
  • Energy Rating

Building Knowledge asked LJ Hooker’s Head of Sustainable Real Estate, Cecille Weldon, to detail the initiative further. 

“It’s the first time these features (the Liveability Property Marketing Features) have ever been identified by an agent at the point of sale. Previously when you go and have a home appraisal they’re looking at all the standard things, whereas what we’ve done is identify these ‘17 things’ that will offer reduced running costs and increased comfort if used correctly by the occupant,” she said.

LJ Hooker has also developed Liveability Real Estate Specialists who are able to appraise and list a property with these features to assist consumers in buying, selling or renting homes.

“We really see it as a next generation of real estate agents – I think the sustainable design and construction industries have been taking people on a journey and it’s been a largely successful one with people putting these features in their homes, or building new homes, and of course, enjoying living in the homes.

“But what happened is when they came to sell that property these features weren’t recognised at that moment; so that the capital value didn’t have an opportunity to be realised. So many times they receive a lower price,” Weldon explained.

“This is the first time where you’ve got a trained liveability real estate specialist that’s able to not only talk about what the features are, but why they’re important to the prospective buyer.”

She also emphasised that while there are ‘17 things’ in the initiative, owners need just six of those to get a special Liveable Housing icon on their property listing.

“If you've only got two or three, then there’s an opportunity then to continue the conversation and say ‘if you do this, this and this, then you’ve reached the six’, and when you come to sell that property you can use that icon,” Weldon said.

LJ Hooker says Liveability Real Estate Specialist training and the Liveability Property Marketing Features are collaborative initiatives and have already received letters of support and endorsement from the organisations and institutions including: Master Builders Green Living, Archicentre, Building Designers Australia, the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors, the Clean Energy Council, Bond University School of Sustainable Development and UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures.“The beauty ofLiveability Property Marketing Features is that it’s able to identify these features in existing homes as well as new homes, so it’s equally applicable to new and existing.”

“It’s the things you look for when you’re buying; the things you plan for when you’re renovating; and the things you know that will be recognised when you sell, that’s what makes this so powerful,” Weldon enthused.

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